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Add To My Basket (Week Two, July 2009)

Posted by John Montgomery on July 19, 2009

Robert Wright has a provocative new book out, The Evolution of God (New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2009)

Written from the perspective of cultural anthropology, Wright explore the evolution of God (i.e. the idea of God) in eachof the three Abrahamic faith traditions and poses the question as to whether we can find a way to keep from killing each other. The book is written with masterful wit. I spent more time on thed bibliography and footnotes (many annotated) than the actual text.

See this week’s PBS interview with Bill Moyers and Robert Wright

Wright is now s senior fellow ast the New American Foundation and editor in chief at

Dasvid Neiwert’s book, The

2 Responses to “Add To My Basket (Week Two, July 2009)”

  1. Dennis Rice said

    I am a fan of Robert Wright! He has done some excellent interviews with Richard Dawkins, Freeman Dyson, and others. This interview by Bill Moyers is excellent. I have written on the related subject of God, Quantum Physics and consciousness at

  2. John Montgomery said

    Thanks Dennis,

    Just found an interesting interview with Wright in Salon.


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