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Advent Resources – The Thrill of Hope

Posted by John Montgomery on December 5, 2009

If you think you know the Emory campus, but have not been around here for a couple of years, you may be very surprised and a little bit lost. Bishop Hall (Candler School of Theology) is soon to be gone and in its place will be the second of two new state of the art buildings. Cannon chapel is still the center of the community, but Pitts Library will move in a year or so into the second building. The former library building will then house the Emory University Religion Department.

As part of the new construction, Candler received a wonderful grant to purchase 50 paintings and prints by John August Swanson that now decorate the new diggs. This is the largest collection in the world housing Swanson’s work and I am delighted that I have a chance to visit often.

In that context, I want to introduce you to an amazing new resource coming from Candler School of Theology. Our Sunday School class began using it yesterday.

A Thrill of Hope: The Christmas Story in Word and Art, is a new DVD production designed for use in Sunday School classes, Bible studies, and other church group gatherings. There is a great discussion guide that goes with it.

The 50-minute DVD presents the familiar story of Christmas as told in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. Each passage of scripture is illustrated and interpreted by the stunning artwork of John August Swanson along with commentary by members of Candler’s esteemed faculty, including Michael Brown, Luke Timothy Johnson, Steve Kraftchick, Tom Long, Carol Newsom, and Gail O’Day.

The video and five guides cost $30 per set – additional guides are available for $5 each. To order A Thrill of Hope, download the order form.

The video is divided into six 8-minute sections, each one featuring a passage of scripture from the Christmas story: The Annunciation to Mary, The Nativity, The Shepherds, Epiphany, The Presentation in the Temple, and the Flight into Egypt. I have included the introduction to the DVD.

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