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March Madness

Posted by John Montgomery on April 8, 2010

It’s Thursday, and I am still tired…

Kudos to the Duke team on their 4th national championship. It was an amazing game.

Oh yeah – where did that young coach from Butler Brad Stevens learn his college hoops?  Oh yeah – DePauw University (spelled with a “w” and not an “l”)

As United Methodists, we should be so proud of the quality institutions of higher education that we support – they encourage high-standard academic inquiry, they foster deep concern for “social justice,” they evoke non-fundamentalist religious and spiritual maturity….

and they play good basketball! 

Even Diana Butler Bass has something to say in the recent Sojourners – Culture Watch

The Duke-Butler game underscored essential wisdom of faith. While some people think that faith is about miracles, those of us who are part of faith communities know that doing your best — working toward a goal — is the greatest miracle of all. Some people wanted the Cinderella season, the ultimate “Hoosiers” Hollywood NCAA championship. Instead, we got two teams pressing each other to the max, never losing heart or grit or hope, and playing hard to the very last second. Duke didn’t win by overpowering might; Butler didn’t win by supernatural assistance. Duke won by winning a game, and Butler didn’t really lose. Although only one got the trophy, they both won by pursuing a purpose with single-focus and passion.

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