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PET and the World Mobility Problem

Posted by John Montgomery on April 9, 2010

While I live in the Atlanta area, my home was Missouri. I wanted to share a video that highlights the PET project created some years ago by the Rev. Mel West.

Mel is an important influence in my life and our relationship goes back many years. In the late 1960s while he was the Director of Creative Ministries for the Missouri East Conference, Mel started an important leisure/resort ministry at the Lake of the Ozarks. Four summers while I was attending college, I worked as part of the staff of the ministry which included providing worship resources to tourists, late night street ministries, a coffee house, a hostel for soldiers on break from basic at Fort Leonard Wood, and a variety of other projects.

The PET project is Mel’s latest creative ministry project. I have supported their work through the years and it was great to see Mel again – he looks so young….

2 Responses to “PET and the World Mobility Problem”

  1. Steve Napier said

    Great video John. Mel sounds like a wonderful person. We need more people like him in ministry.

  2. John Montgomery said

    Hi Steve,

    Welcome to my site – mel personifies “creativity.”

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