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Taking a Second Look at Mark

Welcome to our Online Bible Study!

[Presently, we are focusing on the Gospel of Mark. Listed below, you will find a links to my most recent commentaries.  As a group, we are slowly working through the text,  pericope by pericope.  Responsible comments are always welcome.]


Bible scholar Marcus J. Borg speaks of the obvious prologue to Mark’s gospel as  a kind of overture. Much like an opera or musical play, the overture introduces the audience to the main themes that we will encounter through the larger narrative.  Different commentators make the end of the prologue differently. For our purposes, I start the first act of our play moving into the 2nd chapter – John has been arrested and Jesus formally begins his ministry in the Galilee. [Image: Montegna’s St. Mark – Public Domain]

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Mark 4 (1-34) Parables and the Growth of the Kingdom